Magically transforming your design into beautiful HTML5 code or powerful Wordpress theme!

We are small team of professionals based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our goal is to provide reliable, worry-free service to our clients. We’re focused on producing high quality, HTML5 valid code with free post-install support and bugfixes.

You can expect us to deliver peace of mind service at a competitive price.

  • reliable and worry-free service
  • free support and bugfixes
  • high quality, hand written, valid HTML5/CSS/Javascript/php code

Our code is always handwritten, our markup is HTML5 valid and end result is pixel perfect matching of your source design files from any layered graphics format such as PSD or AI.

Our code is always tested to work on all modern browsers and platforms and to be responsive for different screen and pixel sizes, resolutions and orientations.

  • handwritten, HTML5 compatible markup
  • pixel perfect match with your source files
  • responsive and cross browser compatible

We fully support wordpress platform and can deliver your design as a secure, cross-browser compatible and SEO optimized wordpress theme.

Our deep knowledge of wordpress internals makes us able to implement even complex designs which require changes in wordpress code or database while keeping compatibility with existing plugins.

Even more, we can modify default wordpress administration interface to fit your particular data-entry requirements. A support for theme installation as well as postinstall support and bugfixes comes for free!

  • SEO optimized theme
  • free install and support
  • customized administration interface

Contact us here if you have any questions.

To get a quote, send us your design and special requests if you have any, and we’ll review it as soon as possible and send you e-mail with detailed pricing.